Ready To Read?

Quote Of The Day: “To learn to read is to light a fire,” -Les Miserables… The lesson I taught today was a reading lesson! Students worked on their comprehension skills by learning how to select key events and sequence a story. Comprehension strategies are much harder to teach than I anticipate! It comes so naturally to me that sometimes as a teacher, and avid reader, I forget my students need to be taught how to think about reading!

What I Am Hanging Hope On: At the start of my lesson, I gave a reassessment on sequencing skills. I did this so that I could gauge student prior knowledge. Some students perfectly understood sequencing! Others stared at their paper blankly. The end of the lesson included another sequencing assessment. What am I hanging hope on? Success! Students who had stared blankly at their papers at the start of the lesson, were filling out answers with little hesitation! Sequencing, although difficult, was learned.

How I Am Feeling: I will admit, I was slightly discouraged about students lack of participation during the lesson and blank stares when I asked “now what did we learn about last week?” However, I realize I need to have patience! Reading words on a page can be easy, but comprehension and creating analytical readers is tricky. I must remember that students are learning and learning is a process! The more students are exposed to literature and practice critical thinking skills, the better they will become.

A Wish For Tomorrow: Tomorrow I hope to see more confidence in my students! It is important they know that failure is part of the learning process. Failure is how we grow it is not something we should be afraid of. I wish my students are more outspoken in their needs and less afraid to make guesses and share their creative ideas, as they relate to reading.

Food For Thought: If I could do one thing again, I would have students interact with me as we sequenced a skill together. For example, instead of simply having the steps of how to build a PB&J for students to order, we could make a PB&J in class and create/order steps as we go! I think this hands on experience would enhance student understanding of how to sequence and determine important events in a process.


7 thoughts on “Ready To Read?

  1. It was a fun lesson! It is always disappointing when students know a skill one day and then act like they have never heard of it before on the next day. Hopefully with practice and reinforcement, the skills will eventually stick with them. I really like the idea of making the sandwich and then sequencing it.


  2. Lauren,

    I felt the same way when I taught my reading lesson last week. I too think that we sometimes forget that reading may not come easy to some students. I agree that with more patience, we as teachers won’t become so discouraged. I liked your idea about modifying your lesson to make it more engaging. Keep up the good work!


  3. Congratulations on your successful lesson! As a teacher, it is very important to remain patience with students, even when you feel yourself becoming frustrated. I had to remind myself of this when working with a student on yesterday. Keep up the good work!


  4. Lauren,
    I have always felt that reading is the most difficult subject to teach. There is not one right answer like in math. I find math easier because it can be so hands on. I really liked that you were able to make your reading lesson hands on. This is something that I want to get better at. I could tell that the students really enjoyed your lesson.


  5. Lauren, I do not know what happened to my comment I left on here earlier. Hopefully, this time it will show. Congratulations on your successful lesson! It is very important to remember to have patience with students, especially when it comes to reading. I have my high school students do the PB&J activity, but I tie it in with a lesson on written communication. Keep up the good work!


  6. Making the sandwich would be such a fun idea. Then the students would see step by step on how to make one and the importance of the order of events. Sequencing is one of my favorite skills to teach. It also helps a lot with how-tos in writing. It does get frustrating when students do not actively participate, but we have to remember they are human too. Sometimes it takes a little while to get their brains working and maybe they are waiting on a sweet teacher like you to light their spark!


  7. I saw those cut-outs that your students had during dismissal. I totally love using that as a reinforcement to teaching. Miss Dengler, I can see your growth as a teacher this summer and your students are learning so much from your enthusiasm.


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